Kundalini Yoga+Meditation (KY+M) as taught by Yogi Bhajan, is ancient and one of the most powerful styles of yoga. It supports you to become physically, emotionally and mentally resilient by developing a strong nervous system, healthy glandular system and resilient immune system so that we can embrace a better life of confidence and happiness.

Originally withheld from the masses in times of ancient India, KY+M is for everyone and is one of the most transformative yoga practices today. It is based on a set of exercises that is designed specifically to target certain areas of your body in order to strengthen them and help them release toxins of varying forms.


Being highly comprehensive, a class consists of a 'kriya', which commonly involves physical postures and movements, breathing techniques and mantra that all is set to work on specific areas of your body, mind, and spirit. Each KY+M class is unique and always completes with a specific meditation to 'help you integrate the benefits.


First, you 'tune in' to your place using a centring technique to call upon your inner guidance. Then you warm up and gently stretch different parts your body using movement and strong breathing to connect you with your power. You then undertake the kriya, followed by deep relaxation then complete with an intentional and more dynamic meditation for you to step into your possibilities.

Put simply, the word kundalini refers to your potential - your innate inner ability to heal, empower and prosper. With numerous Psychotherapists, thousands of years and millions of practitioners, the practice of kundalini yoga is both a technology and a science for all aspects of human living based on the realisation that our true strength comes from within.


KY+M deepens and expands our awareness on all levels so that we may awaken our full potential and grace. A class leaves you with an overwhelming sense that you have nurtured your whole being and experienced something special. You do not need to be in perfect physical condition or adhere to any particular belief system.

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​"Our limited mind is our enemy and our unlimited mind is our best friend. When you become a slave of the mind, it will limit you. When you master it, it will bring you the whole universe." - Yogi Bhajan.


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