We're excited to come onboard to be part of 
Reverence Retreat!
This is the second edition of this amazing boutique retreat-style festival. Reverence had an amazing inaugural event in 2018 and it is an honour to be part of this festival in 2019. Started by Cam Fraser, with the support of Christopher Murphy and Edwina Masson, and co-created by a vibrant and diverse community of hi-vibe, conscious fam. 

The overall vision of the creators this year expands as we see the growing desire for consciousness and sacredness in relationships. Reverence is a weekend for people to explore their spiritual, sensual and sexual selves in a safe, sacred space created with intention, love and consecration in a private area of the beautiful Swan Valley of Western Australia.
What we love about this festival is that it's wholly independent, community-based and not compromised by business dollars ...which means we as a collective need to walk the walk, not just talk the talk in raising each other up. It's about common-unity in the true sense of the word(s) as volunteers build infrastructure from the ground up and rely 100% on ticket sales to fund everything. 
We'll be there for
  • a visceral Tribal Dance and Sound Bath
    • BenJi will be DJing a deep 'trip around the world' of tribal sounds and leading everyone through a powerful and visceral experience from the jungle to the outback, with Zsuzsa offering a special post dance treat, all centre stage Saturday night! 
  •  a luscious Essential Oils for Sensuality workshop Sunday Morning
    • Zsuzsa will be facilitating a workshop on how essential oils work energetically intimately with ourselves and with our lovers. This will be a hands on workshop learning the physical, emotional, spiritual aspects and going through how to safely use essential oils!   ​

Reverence is a community of like-hearted musicians, yogis, healers, holistic health practitioners and hi-vibe healthy living crew who all believe that something is lacking in today's relationships: Reverence. This means sharing a deep respect not only for our relationships with other people, but also our relationships with ourselves and the environment - this is exactly where Bending Rules is at!
Over three days on the magical Swan Valley land, we can't wait to be a part of this amazing event!


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